About Us

Hello and welcome.  My name is Paul Dennis, and I founded Focused Solutions based on my lifelong interest in PCs and improving things.  I’m a software developer who has tinkered with PCs my whole life.  I’ve built custom desktop PCs and troubleshooted way too many issues to count.  I’m a software developer and have coding experience in several languages.  I love to streamline processes to make things as efficient as possible.  Everything you do in your life or business that relates to PCs or software applications can be thought of as a process.  Sometimes you use PCs for entertainment and pleasure, and the last thing you care about is efficiency, and I can fully appreciate that!  However, we use software for so many things in today’s world, from doing our taxes, keeping track of our income and expenses, sending social media updates, and so much more.  If we can make those processes more efficient, we can save valuable time each day.  I love to think that if I can save myself 1 hour each day by making everything as efficient as possible, that gives me 30 extra hours a month to do anything I want!  In one year I’ll have saved 365 hours, over 15 days!  I fully believe we should be at ease and relaxed during our days, and I don’t want to stress about each minute, but at the same time, if I can change some of the things I do to give myself that extra time, I’ll definitely do that!  Focused Solutions is a way that I’m bringing that same thought process to individuals and businesses.

Focused Solutions is a small business based out of Northwest North Dakota.  We serve our local area with PC tune ups and repair for individuals and software consulting for businesses.  Since technology now allows global communication, we also serve anyone else we can if it is a situation where remote assistance is possible.  We have a small team and are excited to be making things easier for people and businesses, and helping to make people’s lives just a little easier.

Thank you for stopping by, and please let us know if we can help you!

Paul Dennis
Founder & CEO